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I was thinking about Kim Kardashian today (unfortunately) and I wanted to share something with you that makes me feel better

Even though I know that this world has a Kim Kardashian in it, selfishly exploiting her ‘fame’ for monetary gain,

I know that there is also a Misha Collins out there, founding a charity called Random Acts and selflessly volunteering his time and energy in Haiti and encouraging his fans to do the same.

I often use these kind of comparisons to keep myself from losing faith in humanity. For example, for every talentless, grating Ke$ha track

there is also a beautiful Alex Day song

For every terribly written Twilight book carrying a horrible message about codependent relationships

There is a wonderful Harry Potter book telling an inspiring tale of friendship and love.

And finally, for every facebook status update making me do this

there is a tumblr post making me do this

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